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Oreo's Health Records


Hips 0:1

Elbows 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier)

MDR1 Clear (no carrier)

Sire: Kato

Dam: Kyra

Oreo is the sire of our first two Lykos Wolfalike litters.

A perfect gentleman and foundation of our breed, Oreo was a magnificent dog and we hold on to many fun and loving memories with this gorgeous boy. He was a much loved part of our family and was gentle and easy going with all other dogs.

Oreo temporarily went to stay with with a former friend when we had girls on heat.  This person said she loved him and wanted to keep him, so (regretfully) we allowed it.  A couple of years passed,  then we found out that he was sick and died over a month later.

Oreo's vet report (from 30 Nov 2018) states that he had nose bleeds as a result of ITP (Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia).  ITP is when the immune system attacks itself, and can be an indicator of other issues such as a tick bite or viral/bacterial infection - and even be bought on by stress. 80% of dogs usually recover from ITP if managed adequately. The vet recommended more tests be done to discover the cause of the ITP and the owner did not do this.

On the vet report we received, we noticed it was badly photoshopped and blurred after "white cell count was not elevated as expected.".  For some reason, text has been removed, which seemed suspicious.

When we found out Oreo was sick, we said that he needed to be taken to another vet (specialist) to do more investigation and get to the root of why he was sick. This was also the advice of the treating vet.  We even offered financial assistance to help Oreo. This was ignored by the new owner.

It's important for us to know of any health issues that appear in our dogs - and even the dogs that came before them, for the purpose of genetics and identifying possible inherited problems in our breeding program.

His owner elected not to investigate further, and as a result, Oreo reportedly died at home the next day, ignoring the vet's advice and if he got worse to take him to a vet or emergency clinic. The reason given for this is that she did not want him to die at a vet!  Sorry, but when a vet tells you that if your dog gets sicker to seek immediate help - you do it. It's called being a responsible pet owner.

We have no doubt that with correct management and investigation, more could have been done to save Oreo, or at least discover the cause of the ITP.

We have since received the original (un-altered) report directly from the veterinarian and the text that was removed was "We discussed the need for additional diagnostics (chest x-rays, possible bone marrow biopsy). The owner elected to continue the current therapy."

We are shocked that the owner tried to HIDE this information by photoshopping it out of the vet report! It just proves that the owner tried to cover up that they ignored vet's advice and failed to do more for Oreo.

Oreo was one of the foundation dogs in our breeding program, and given health is extremely important to us, we offered to pay for a necropsy as soon as we found out Oreo had just passed away. This was also ignored.

For the owner not to investigate Oreo's condition as the vet had advised early on, then alter veterinary reports in order to cover up the fact that they did not follow veterinary advice, shows complete negligence in our opinion.  To also not allow a necropsy or financial assistance, shows a complete lack of concern for Oreo, as well as his surviving ancestors and their owners.


Oreo's siblings are still alive and well and enjoying their senior years.  Oreo's father was sent to rainbow bridge at nearly 7 years old after having 2 cruciate operations in 18 months, and continued to have mobility issues after the cruciate operations as he was such a large dog. His owner felt this was the best for him, as his quality of life had deteriorated by not being able to run anymore.

We are being transparent about this situation for a number of reasons, to highlight the importance of proper veterinary care, to be honest about the dogs in our breeding program and for complete transparency. 

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