Since 2000, Brooke has played an integral role of the development of the White Shepherd blood lines in Australia. She has vast experience in training and behaviour and has displayed breeding ethics of the highest calibre, resulting in Australia's soundest and healthiest White Shepherds.  

She is now also using that experience and knowledge to develop another breed, the Lykos...

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Brooke regularly goes on hikes with her dogs, beaches, parks, camping and fishing trips and they are an integral part of her happiness in life.  Since Brooke was a small child, her passion has been animals, nature and all its beauty. 
She has been involved with developing the White Shepherd in Australia since 2000.  She has been heavily involved with training and behaviour for over 23 years.
Brooke also rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed dogs in need, as well as got involved with a myriad of dog sports and activities, such as sheep herding, lure coursing, tracking, agility, obedience and protection work.
Dogs produced by Brooke are on record for having the best hip/elbow/DNA and temperament results in the country.  This took over a decade and a half of hard work and sacrifice.
Over the years, Brooke has leased stud dogs from abroad, imported frozen semen from America, Germany and Italy. She has exported her dogs and frozen semen to Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Finland, as well as helping other breeders in Russia with providing them with new bloodlines at no cost, solely for the improvement of the breed on a world-wide scale.  Brooke's dogs were the first Australian exports to be accepted by the World Kennel Club (FCI) as the worldwide new breed, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog. 
Brooke's successes in developing the White Shepherd breed in Australia and contributions to overseas breeding programs, was enough for her to be able to slow down her breeding program as she felt she improved the quality of the breed up to a standard she was very pleased. So now Brooke only breeds every few years so as to continue on with her exclusive line of White Shepherds.
Brooke believes a breeder should always breed to improve/develop their chosen breed, with correct conformation, temperament, health, type and overall soundness being top, equal priorities. This requires a lot of research, acquired knowledge, networking, continuous learning and a lot of dedication. If you put enough time, money and knowledge, with a willing attitude of continuous learning into your passion, you can succeed in your visions and goals.
When breeding, it should be done the right way, or not at all. Due to this belief, Brooke tended to "clash" with those who did not value true breed improvement. Dog breeding politics, is not uncommon and there is a lot of shady business that goes on in the world of purebred dogs, mostly based upon competition, ego and jealousy.  Sadly, such bad breeding practices by others resulted in dogs ending up in puppy mills, shelters, as well as in the hands of backyard breeders, and so the cycle of backyard breeders and dogs in shelters, continues. Brooke has been an outspoken figurehead for the White Shepherd breed, promoting responsible ownership, training and ethical breeding.
Brooke has successfully trained and rehabilitated dogs with severe behavioural issues over the years and found them the best, loving homes. She has taken on these dogs of her own accord and at no charge or profit, and has also done a substantial amount of rescue work.
In 2014, Brooke had an accidental litter of Husky/White Shepherd mixes while doing rescue (which was horrific to Brooke as she had been very outspoken and at times very negative about mixing breeds!). She began researching what others of this mix looked like, and discovered other wolf look-a-like breeds in development overseas, containing Shepherd, Malamute and Husky.  She learnt a lot about these other breeds, and investigated importing a wolf coloured agouti Husky, before fate raised it's head and she produced an agouti Husky herself, quite by accident! This was Lyka!  And then the Lykos Development Project was born!
Brooke chose the breed name "Lykos" due to its contemporary sound, plus it also means "wolf" in Greek (liekos/lyk).
Brooke never thought she would find herself in another breed, yet alone developing another one here in Australia! 
A spark was ignited which Brooke could put her knowledge and experience to use in creating a new breed.  What seemed to be missing here in Australia, was a breeding program, not unlike those overseas of wolfalike breeds, which had high trainability and no wolf content. Dogs that also made great pets and fit easily into the average Australian family lifestyle and that are easy pets for even inexperienced owners.
The blue print was laid out and the Lykos breed was born under the umbrella of the Australian Lykos Development Project.
Brooke since learnt about a couple of other wolf look a like dogs/breeds in Australia (which are also not kennel club accepted breeds), but Brooke has chosen not to incorporate them in the Lykos breeding program for several reasons, being their wolf/prohibited breed content and temperament that doesn't allow them to fall into the Lykos breed standard.
After breeding purebreds for nearly 2 decades, Brooke's first F1 Lykos litter surpassed all her expectations, both in looks and temperament!  Even when they were still babies, they were different to White Shepherds.  They were much more laid back and easy-going and this was exactly what she was aiming for!
There are Lykosia puppy owners from the first F1 Lykos generation, who are qualified trainers and are very impressed with their abilities.  Already, there are Lykos dogs doing the following work:-
-  Advertising (wolf look a like in a Volkswagen advertisement
- Therapy Dogs
- Service dogs for veterans/ex-military with PTSD
- Scent Detection dogs used in University research
- Emotional Support Dogs (Mental Health)
There are Lykos owners also training their dogs in other disciplines such as competition agility.  A lot can be said for the amount of Lykos dogs already involved in proving them to be a brilliant companion breed, not just as couch potato, fun family pets with children, as well an all-round, reliable working dog that is willing to please and easy to train and be around.
Lykosia have 2 dogs overseas in beautiful Hawaii too, and there has been lovely interest from other overseas wolf look a like breeders in using the Lykos in their own breeding programs, which Brooke is happy to assist with and be involved in.
The proof is certainly in the pudding when it comes to this breed in development and the future is looking very bright for the Lykos. 


Meira on my bed

Meira and Lyka lazing on our patio

Lyka and Neva on our patio

Puppy area 2018

Our local dog beach

Neva watching the world go by

My girls

2018 puppy area

Neva feeding her pups 2017

Lyka in her whelping box 2018

Lyka and her litter 2018

Meira and Lyka lazing on our patio

Neva in her whelping box 2017

Our 2014 Puppy Enclosure

Our 2014 Puppy Enclosure