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We are not planning another litter for quite a while, but are happy to refer you to other registered breeders who we trust and respect.


If you are wanting a puppy this year (2024) please visit registered Lykos breeder Beowolves. Fill out the puppy application on their website here and email it to


Jodie from Beowolves has mated Lykosia Yggdrasil (Freki) with her female Cinder at Beowolves. Their puppies are due May 2024. Pedigree of this litter can be found here

We will only only breed to improve and develop the breed and our bloodlines in accordance with the Lykos Wolfalike breed Standard. This includes helping any owners of our bloodlines who wish to contribute to the development of the Lykos Wolfalike breed.




All our puppies are raised in a family home environment with children and other dogs.  Our 5 dogs have free range of our large backyard. They are important family members and all spend lots of time inside with us, relaxing and training.  We love training our dogs and going on lots of adventures with them! Just have a look at our Instagram account to see what we do with our 'pack'!

The following are the basics that are provided with puppies:

  • Their first vaccination (done at 6 weeks old)

  • Regularly wormed (including heartworm) at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks

  • Microchipped and vet checked (6 weeks old)

  • Genetic Health Guarantee

  • 6 weeks FREE pet insurance with Petcover

  • Videos and photos available which document their growth from birth

  • Are raised indoors in a clean and hygienic family environment & exposed to all normal household noises, trained to toilet in specific areas

  • Moved from indoors to our undercover (patio) area (around 5-6 weeks of age), where their toilet training continues

  • Have started crate training and basic obedience training by the time they go to their new homes

  • Sold subject to our standard contract (puppy sale agreement)

  • Subjected to Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Exposed to all house hold (and outdoor) noises and environments, children and other animals/family pets.

  • Raised with toys, and learn how to determine safe obstacles and sensory objects (pool, pool with balls, balance boards, see-saw etc)

  • As we work from home, we spend a lot of time with our puppies individually, doing basic training and getting them ready to succeed in the world.

  • ​We make recommendations on their temperaments at around 6/7 weeks old, but carefully monitor the progress of each pup and their temperament from birth, using our extensive 20+ year experience in assessing core temperament traits, to ensure the best fit for their new families. 

  • Certificate of Registration and Pedigree with the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc

  • Our very own original Comprehensive & Educational Puppy Pack/E-book (authored by us, as well as experts and other top trainers and behaviourists - "The Puppy Bible")

  • Lifetime support, training & behavioural advice and so much more!

For more more updates, photos & videos please visit our Facebook and Instagram

If you have any problems filling out the online application form (which will be active once we have a litter planned), please email us ( ). We can always send you a Word document if it's easier for you to fill out. When uploading images of your yard on the online application, smaller versions can only be uploaded (original resolution images are too large).

Send us a message and we are happy to call you if you would like to chat on the phone.

As the pups are growing, we encourage people to visit us to see puppies and spend time with them before taking them home at 8 weeks old. 

We put an incredible amount of research, love, care and work into raising our pups and it shows. They simply speak for themselves, with many in service, assistance, sporting and therapy work.

We have high standards when it comes to how we keep our dogs. We have an ideal area for them when outside and believe that each dog needs a lot of individual time spent with them. We are always happy to show you our property and how well our dogs are kept.


Our experience in creating stunning quality dogs is sheer proof that when the right combination of lines are artfully and strategically selected, with health, temperament and genetics as the main focus - you can achieve success! 

We have 20+ years experience as breed development and improvement as our passion and purpose. We have the knowledge and experience to back our dogs up.


Many of our past puppy owners (Lykos and purebred alike) have been so happy with their puppies that they have come back for another pup later down the track!

Our commitment to you is to provide you with a top quality puppy, whose parents have been hip/elbow x-rayed, DNA tested and extremely sound in temperament.

We work in close consultation with some of the best veterinary specialists in the country and the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc, of which we are registered breeders with.

We work as a team to develop and improve the breed while doing our best to reduce and avoid heritable disease. We do not breed for the pet or commercial market or as a business.


Our true purpose and ultimate goal is to develop and improve the Lykos Wolfalike breed in line with the Breed Standard, as a breed under development.


We specialise in agouti / wolf sables, wolf grey and white pups with brown or light gold eyes, that are amazing family pets who can also prove their working ability. As the original founder of the breed, we are passionate about our bloodlines and proud of their abilities.

A piece of our heart and soul is put into each puppy, so each one is very special to us. We use a vigorous screening process and only dedicated families, who are committed to training and having their dog as an integral part of their lives. We care about where our puppies, how they are raised, trained and kept.

When you have a puppy from us - you are part of our Lykos family! Our owners and their dogs develop long lasting friendships with us and other owners! We have a brilliant online community of Lykos Dog Owners (Facebook Group) from all around Australia, with some international (exported) Lykos owners too!

Application Process

If your application has passed the first stage (satisfactory online application), we organise to have a chat/video call with you over the phone and we can get to know each other better. If we feel comfortable that you will be the right fit for one of our pups, we will email you our Puppy Sale Agreement (Contract) and our comprehensive puppy information pack, called "The Puppy Bible". Our puppy owners are welcome to visit us and to spend time with them before they leave our nest.


Interstate Buyers

We have used several pet transport companies such as Jetpets, Aeropets, Bay City Pets or Dogtainers for interstate flight transport, which includes the flight price and crate hire.

Pups are authorised to fly after they reach 8 or 12 weeks old (depending on which airline) and require a "fit to fly" certificate from an authorised vet when under 12 weeks old. These certificates are usually arranged at our vet at the buyer's expense which is usually only the cost of a standard vet consult. 


You will need to book your pup's flight directly with the transport company at least a week before transport. Prices are usually determined by the weight of the puppy (usually 8-9kgs at 8 weeks old) and where you are located, and whether additional transport is required to/from our home to yours . 



"Luka is the smartest dog I’ve ever had.  She learns SO unbelievably fast. She pretty much toilet trained herself! She’s very trainable, so sweet but not desperate for attention, and she looooves our cats. She’s friendly and sociable with people and other dogs and everyone always asks about her when we take her out ☺️They’re very special dogs!"

"Quinn is 14 months old. Very laid back most of the times, loves to run but has a great recall. Intelligent and trainable. Quinn is trained as a research detection dog and is on his 4th odour which is a lot for such a young dog. I highly recommend these dogs to anyone who wants an intelligent active dog."

"We have had Loken for just over a year now and we couldn't be more in love with our new family member. We have 2 young boys (6 and 8) and we had always wondered how they would take to a dog. Loken was our first family pet and we couldn't wait for him and the kids to get to know each other. We have included our children in every part of Loken's life from initial puppy visits, vet checks, outings and obedience training. They are so close now that when we go places he protectively watches over them! Even at home, he will constantly roam around and check on them throughout the day. He was definitely the missing piece in our family and his temperament is amazing. He is so chilled out and friendly (just like his brothers and sisters)!  There isn't enough good things I can say about the breed and all the help and support from the breeder, Brooke. We are so glad we found Lykosia. We could never pick another breed of dog!"

"Brooke I just want to say that Saber has the loveliest temperament... So whatever you are focussing on in your lines is so on point. She is just so relaxed and lovely. She has the most amazing temperament! We cannot get over how settled and sweet and easy and social Saber is"

"I've had Caesar for nearly 3 years now! He's very intelligent, responds extremely well to training, is independent and happy. He never chews on anything other than his toys.
Very good with other dogs, very quick and loves agility courses. 
He's also a movie star and was in a VW car commercial."

"We now have 2 Lykos boys! Loken is brother to Willow and Quinn. He is SUPER chilled out. He has a lot more shepherd in him, super loyal. We have 2 kids (6 and 8 years old) and whenever we go out, Loken will check everyone out first and find who is most playful but will spend most of his time around our kids. He has no real time for dominance issues. He will remove himself and find someone playful. I cannot fault his temperament!"

"Willow comes to work with me at an aged care facility very often and has been since she was about 9 weeks old. She has a fantastic, loving, caring and outgoing personality. She is great with cats, rats, other dogs, children of all ages. She does like to dig but only pot holes (not husky craters and caves), pot plants, shrubs, spying on the neighbours when sitting in the back decking. These dogs are super intelligent, so very happy and relaxed. I used to have up to 10 huskies when I was racing years ago. I waited over 3 years to get Willow after saying goodbye to my last husky.

I couldn't be happier."

"The vet couldn't believe how calm Storm is. My husband said that it was a testament to the breed and breeder and it was one of the main reasons we applied for him. We have young children and wanted a dog with a calm temperament and nature. He is all those things. We love him so much!"

"We have had Shadow for several weeks now and couldn’t be happier. He is intelligent, quick to learn, obedient, friendly, loves a cuddle, social with our other dog, easy to walk, doesn’t bark (but can occasionally have a conversation) amazing with our grandson who has autism, gentle and placid temperament and can entertain himself for hours with his toys. So far no faults at all ! Best thing we ever did!"

I’ve had Bear him for nearly 2 years now. And he’s such a happy and friendly dog! Not one mean bone in his body, he’s never once been aggressive towards any other dogs (even if they’ve been aggressive towards him), and he’s only ever loving to us including my 2 kids under 4. Bear bear loves pats and can’t get enough attention, he doesn’t bark at all too which is a bonus! He’s a high energy dog and needs lots of activity, but otherwise he’s just the best!"

“My young daughter set up a bed and slept on the floor with Ellie. They slept all night like angels. She didn't pee at all during the night. She doesn't seem to be having any separation anxiety from her mom and her siblings”

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