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Lykosia Quinn's Health Records

Hips - 2:1 (Examined 21/10/2020)

Elbows - 0:0 (Examined 21/10/2020)

DNA: Embark Tested (clear)

DOB: 19/12/2016

Frozen semen is available from Quinn


Fully Breed ID and health tested (all clear) via Embark

Sire: Oreo

Dam: Meira

Quinn is from our second Lykos litter from Meira and Oreo.

Quinn does scent training at Melbourne University in funded projects and has been on the news showing of his skills from a very young age. 


He does many disciplines of dog sports, and has excelled above expectations in these activities.  Quinn's health/genetics/working ability are evidence of the result of the hard work we have put into creating his ancestors/breeding program over past 20 years.

Quinn has not yet contributed to our breeding program, but we love seeing his puppies born at Dogs in Wolfsuits

Quinn is currently trialling in ANKC sanctioned activities as "Borderwolves Quinn" on the associate register with Dogs Victoria with his owner, who is also a judge.


Photo Gallery
(All photos taken by us)

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