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Neva's Health Records


Hips 2:2

Elbows 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier)

MDR1 Clear (no carrier)

Sire: Oreo

Dam: Meira


Neva is a beautiful young girl, a daughter of Oreo and Meira from their

first litter. We originally retained Neva as she was the pick of the litter


Unlike her siblings, she is reserved with strangers and likes to

meet people on her own terms. She has not passed any aloof traits

on to her offspring, which was great. She warms up to people just fine

once she gets to know them.

Neva is is also very affectionate and loves cuddles!

Her colour is just divine - very wolfy.

Neva had one litter with us, sired by Crixus.  Neva is more of a one

on one dog. As she got older our cheeky Husky Lyka used to enjoy

taunting Neva, which caused Neva to be uncomfortable in our little

pack. Nothing serious ever happened, they never had a fight, but

given the unbalanced pack dynamic, we decided it was best 

for Neva to be an only dog to be completely at ease. We don't keep our dogs in

separate runs, they are family pets who have the run of our large

suburban backyard. All our dogs are very close and get along perfectly.

She now lives with her amazing co-owner Marie, and is a

very happy and spoilt girl, enjoying the great outdoors and

being an snuggly lap dog! She is certainly living her best life!

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