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Meira's Health Records


Hips 3:4

Elbows 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier) by Parentage

MDR1 Clear (no carrier) by Parentage

Sire: Neigepearl Tokra Fury AI

Dam: Neigepearl Superb Vitality AI


Meira is our foundation girl and has produced the most amazing Lykos puppies. She is considered the Matriarch of the Lykos breed.

Meira is a very easy dog, reliable, laid back and is the perfect dog for our family, being a soft natured girl great with children and other animals.  She has never been reactive, destructive or showed any negative behaviour traits in her life!

She's our Miss Perfect! Everyone who meets her really pushes the point of how beautiful and sweet she is.

She is incredibly obedient with a very puppy like personality when she's having fun.

Meira's lines are the result of our 20 years of hard work and detailed research in breeding, selected for health, type and temperament.  Meira has provided us with a solid foundation for the Lykos breed and a well respected matriarch. She has certainly stamped her type into the Lykos Breed.

Some of Meira's past Lykos puppies include: Caesar, Quinn, Inca, Chief, Atlas


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