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Raven Health Records

Hips - 0:0

Elbows - 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier) by parentage

MDR1 Clear (no carrier) by parentage

DNA Profiled (Embark) all clear

Sire: Lykosia Atlas

Dam: Lykosia Lyka

Raven is owned by Natasha & Cam, and lives with another one of our Lykos puppies, Storm (Meira x Oreo litter), and also her daughter Marvel!

Raven has a big heart, she loves to go on adventures, watch TV and snuggle on the couch with her humans. Raven is full of personality and gets along well with other dogs, she is quite independent, fun and does not bark.

Thank you to Natasha & Cam for working together with us to further develop the Lykos bloodlines for the next generation. Raven was desexed after she had a litter, which produced some lovely dogs like Marvel, Haku and Demon.

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