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Marvel's Health Records

Hips - 1:1

Elbows - 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier) by parentage

MDR1 Clear (no carrier) by parentage

Both parents Embark DNA Profiled & Health tested (all clear)

Sire: Wolfden Bjorn Ironside

Dam: Lykosia Raven

Marvel is co-owned with Tash & Cam and lives with Storm (Meira x Oreo), her mother Lykosia Raven (Lykosia Atlas x Lykosia Lyka).  Got to keep it all in the family! 


Marvel has 3 generations of Lykos dogs behind her and is the 7th generation of our exclusive breeding.


Tash and Cam raised Marvel from birth when her mother Raven had her litter. They did such an exceptional job. Very proud of them for all their love, care and work in helping us improve the breed.

Marvel has a stunning long agouti coat, dark eyes and has gorgeous conformation in line with the Breed Standard. 

Her temperament is fantastic, social with people and other dogs at a normal, easy level.

She is a big, beautiful baby and we love watching her grow into a magnificent representative of the breed. So very proud!

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