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Marvel's Health Records

Hips - 1:1

Elbows - 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier) by parentage

MDR1 Clear (no carrier) by parentage

Both parents Embark DNA Profiled & Health tested (all clear)

Sire: Wolfden Bjorn Ironside

Dam: Lykosia Raven

Marvel is owned by Tash & Cam and lives with Storm (Meira x Oreo), her mother Lykosia Raven (Lykosia Atlas x Lykosia Lyka).  Got to keep it all in the family and showcase our beautiful dogs and their progeny! 

Marvel has 3 generations of Lykos dogs behind her and is the 7th generation of our exclusive breeding.

Marvel has a stunning long agouti coat, dark eyes and has gorgeous conformation in line with the Breed Standard. 

Her temperament is fantastic, social with people and other dogs at a normal, easy level.

She is a big, beautiful baby and we love watching her grow into a magnificent representative of the breed. So very proud!

Marvel is now desexed and her 2 brothers have gone on with their genetics to further the next generation in the Lykos breed.

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