Lyka's Health Records


Hips - 0:0

Elbows - 0:0

DM: (no carrier)

MDR1: clear (no carrier)

Sire: Charlie (wolf grey) hips 1:1, elbows 0:0

Dam: Panda (mostly black) hips 0:0, elbows 0:0


Lyka is my little miracle baby whom I bred myself in 2014. She was a surprise when she was born, and really struggled being the runt of her litter. I tube fed her for weeks every couple of hours around the clock and I promised her that if she lived, she would forever have the best life with me.  From the moment she opened her eyes, she has been full of personality and independence.  She has a real quirky attitude about her and never fails to have me in hysterics. 

She is extremely easy to get along with all dogs and has an excellent recall. She still has the Husky trait of deciding whether to obey commands very once in a while, but generally she is very reliable.  Lyka is the litle light of my life.

Lyka's daughter Raven's page is here