(previously LYKOSIA)

We have been involved with breeding purebred dogs for 20 years and heavily involved with training/behaviour for well over 25 years.  Our story is one of passion and vision, authenticity and integrity to create the perfect dog.
Our original purebred breeding program developed as a formidable force and gained wonderful achievements and accolades on an Australian and international scale.  For over 2 decades, we have proudly dedicated our lives to breeding our dogs with passion, care and knowledge.  We now embark on 8 successive generations of vision, achievements and results with our exclusive bloodlines, and our second generation Lykos Wolfalike bloodline.

With a history of intense research, no expense was been spared in sourcing the world's most quality, reliable foundation bloodlines.  These bloodlines have excelled in jobs as guides for the blind, therapy, service, search and rescue dogs.  We have purposefully selected these lines as the foundations of the Lykos Wolfalike breed, directly in line with our vision and goals.   Breeding is not just a matter of breeding a couple of good looking dogs together.  It's a combination of knowledge, science and art learnt over the course of over two decades.

Our aim is to produce exceptionally sound and healthy companion animals that fit into the Australian lifestyle, with the physical features resembling a wolf.   With the right genetics and our proven methods of raising our puppies in the best way possible, these aims are already coming to life!

Already, with the breed still in its infancy, there are Lykos dogs doing the following work outside the normal culture of a family pet:-

- Advertising & Marketing (acting as wolves)
- Therapy Dogs
- Qualified Service Dogs
- Scent Detection
- Emotional Support Dogs
- Tracking / Search & Rescue
- Sledding / Bikejoring

A lot can be said for the Lykos breed proving themselves to be a brilliant family companion breed, but as well an all-round, reliable working dog that is willing to please and easy to train.

The proof is certainly in the pudding when it comes to this breed in development and the future is looking very bright for the Lykos!

This breed is not classified as a "designer dog" cross. Ours is a serious program for a breed in development by breeders with substantial experience in health, genetics and behaviour and several different dog breeds selected as it's foundations.
Developing the Lykos Wolfalike to perfection, is a dedicated hobby and not a business or run for profit.  We are breeders passionately dedicated to the creation and development of the Lykos Wolfalike dog breed in Australia, registered with the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc and abide by their Code of Ethics.  

We are registered with Animal Welfare Victoria (Source No MB132811).

We are also registered breeders with The Master Dog Breeders & Associates
 "MDBA" who have accepted the Lykos Wolfalike breed as a Breed in Development in 2021. The MDBA is an official animal registry service accepted by the Australian Government.

For more information about the breed, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as the ones on  the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia.