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Brooke Taylor has been involved with breeding purebred dogs since 2000 and heavily involved with advanced training/behaviour since 1995. Lykosia is our prefix (breeding name) and our breed is the Lykos (or Lykos Wolfalike).

Lykosia are passionately dedicated to the development of the Lykos Wolfalike dog breed in Australia, and are registered breeders of with the
Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc and abide by their Code of Ethics.  We are based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

Our Lykos Wolfalike breeding program commenced in 2014 and we have been very pleased with the development and improvement of our bloodlines. 
We are always available and willing to help our puppy owners in any and every aspect throughout their entire lives.

The Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc. ("LWCA") is ONLY the official sponsoring parent club of the Lykos Wolfalike or any "wolfalike" dog, working towards the development of of the breed in Australia with a kennel council.  The LWCA is a non-for-profit organisation (incorporated association) and is professionally run by those experienced in the sport of canine breeding, club procedures, training and other dog activities.
Brooke's original purebred White Shepherd breeding program (Neigepearl, which was previously a registered prefix with Dogs Victoria - ANKC in the early 2000's) developed as a formidable force and gained wonderful achievements and accolades on an Australian and international scale. These lines are well known for their working and show ring achievements in Australia and Europe, with importing and exporting dogs. Brooke has been DNA testing her dogs since 2013 and hip/elbow since 2001.

Brooke has dedicated over half her life to dogs and keeping up to date with training and behaviour, and being a very strong advocate for the responsible and ethical breeding of animals.  She has been an outspoken figurehead in the industry when it comes to animal welfare, ethical breeding and health, as well as being passionate about breeders protecting puppies and reducing the incidence of backyard breeding via legal sale contracts.

Brooke owns 5 dogs.  Two senior dogs (Meira the White Shepherd and Lyka the Husky), and Tala (who is Meira's great grand-daughter). From Tala's first litter Brooke kept her daughter, Jenna (who is also a Lyka great granddaughter). The youngest of the pack is Mako, who will hopefully contribute to the breeding program one day with his amazing temperament, stunning looks and genetic diversity.

Lykosia do not endorse breeders who keep kennels full of dogs and breed them for commercial profit.  Puppy buyers should ask breeders how many dogs they own and that are on their property.  In Victoria, our Animal Welfare Laws are strict, and rightfully so, as it stops puppy farming.  Animals cannot simply live their best lives when kept like livestock. We strongly believe dogs should be cherished family companions, given the best opportunity for a wonderful life - raised and trained the right way.

No puppies bred by Lykosia will ever end up in a rescue organisation or shelter. This is written into the puppy sale contracts. Lykosia will always take puppies back and find them a good home if owner's cannot keep them for any reason.

At this point in time, Brooke embarks on 9 successive generations (20+ years) of hard work and research with these special and unique bloodlines. With a history of intense research, no expense was been spared in sourcing the world's most quality, reliable foundation dogs.  Their direct ancestors have excelled in jobs as guides for the blind, therapy, service, police, and search & rescue.  We have purposefully selected these lines as the foundations of the Lykos, directly in line with our vision and goals.

Breeding is not just a matter of breeding a couple of attractive dogs together - even if they pass health test results.  It's a combination of knowledge, genetic science, creativity and art learnt over the course of over two decades, combined with selective breeding for a specific temperament, type and other qualities. This is also what makes our breeding program so unique, our long-term dedication to our dogs and our consistency of health and temperament.

Our aim is to (occasionally) breed exceptionally sound and healthy companion animals that fit into the Australian lifestyle, are suitable for service work, the physical features of wolf, a wonderful nature and in compliance with with the Breed Standard.   

Within the first 10 years if the development of the breed, Lykos do
gs we have bred are doing the following work outside the normal culture of a family pet:

- Commercial advertising & marketing (acting as wolves in ads and movies)
- Therapy Dogs

- Qualified Assistance Dogs
- Psychiatric Support Dogs
- Scent Detection Dogs
- Emotional Support Dogs
- Tracking / Search & Rescue
- Sledding / Bikejoring
- Modelling for photography and artist sculptures
- Sheep herding

A lot can be said for the Lykos proving themselves to be a brilliant family companion breed, as well as an all-round, reliable working dog that is willing to please and easy to train. The future is looking very bright!

Developing the Lykos Wolfalike breed to standard and perfection, is a dedicated hobby was are passionate about. It is not a "business" or run for profit.

To me, breeding is about developing the bloodlines I have envisioned most of my life. I am also happy to help and mentor other like-minded breeders in developing this very special breed.
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