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Tala's Health Records

DOB: 30/03/2021

Clear of all testable diseases by Embark DNA testing, COE 12%

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Hip & Elbow x-rayed (low range borderline) & approved for breeding by LWCA committee, with approval by Veterinary Specialist Dr Ray Ferguson BVSc (OAM).

Sire: Lykosia Sabre (Crixus x Lykosia Asena Dawn)

Dam: Lykosia Kira (Lykosia Caesar x Neigepearl Gypsy)

Colour: Dark masked agouti/white

Tala is a super sweet, lovable, and calm girl. Her temperament is extremely similar to our beautiful girl Meira (but even calmer than Meira!), who is her great great grandmother, which is just amazing. 

Tala and Meira have a very special bond. Tala looks up to her great grandma with the utmost devotion.

Tala is very a soulful and calm girl, exuding a very relaxing energy when you are around her. She has a very distinguished aura about her. She is over the playful puppy stage and she is quite a mature "diva princess" who would rather just chill out and enjoy adventures with her pack and get lots of pats from visitors.

Tala adores people, especially kids. She is lovely and gentle with people and other dogs. She is polite and easy-going. Tala has been easy to train and an absolute joy. Her recall has always been 100%, like all our dogs.


She is incredibly special to our family - she's our one in a million girl!

Tala has had sheep herding training at nearly 2 years old and has has shown good instincts, but does not have an overly high drive to work sheep. 

She won BEST IN SHOW out of the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia's Online Show in May 2023, which had 35 entrants.

Tala has had one litter in 2023.  She has passed on some of her lovely traits down to her daughter, Jenna.

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