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Tala's Health Records

Hips - 4:5

Elbows - 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier) by parentage

MDR1 Clear (no carrier) by parentage

Sire: Lykosia Sabre

Dam: Lykosia Kira

Tala's human is Lisa who also lives in Melbourne! 

She is a light eyed, dark wolf grey girl who is just stunning! She loves her river walks and going to doggy day care once a week. She has a very sweet and fun loving temperament - a lovely obedient girl!

We adore watching her grow into a gorgeous representative of the breed. So very proud!


Tala contributed one litter to the breed in 2023 (with Lykosia Black Panther) and is now retired from breeding.

She is the littermate and full sibling of our Tala.

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