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About Jenna

DOB: 24/04/2023

Sire: Lykosia Captain America (Demon)

Dam: Lykosia Louve Tala (Tala)

Colour: Agouti/white


Jenna was x-rayed (PennHip method) at 5 months old with excellent results. Right DI: 0.28, Left DI: 0.31

Jenna is an exceptional little puppy who is owned and much loved by my mother.


We spend time with her on a regular basis and also do a lot of training with her, teaching her skills to be a assistance/therapy dog. You can see some of the exercises and training on our Instagram and Facebook reels.

Jenna shows a lot of promise in this area, given her eagerness to please and strong motivation and desire to learn.

jenna 5 months.jpg
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