Caspian Health Records

DOB: 16/06/2010

Hips - 1:1

Elbows - 0:1 (noted less than 2mm)

DM: Clear (no carrier)

MDR1 Clear (no carrier)

Sire: Neigepearl Royal Adoration A.I. (Bolto. Hips 2:2, elbows 0:0.05)

Dam: Neigepearl Arctic Flame (Klara.  Hips: 5:7, elbows 0:0)

We have chosen to use Caspian in our breeding program for his amazing laid back temperament, lush long coat, light eye colour and also with genetic knowledge as we bred him ourselves.  He really is a lovely family dog and we look forward to seeing how he produces.


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