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Draven's Health Records


Hips 1:1

Elbows 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier)

MDR1 Clear (no carrier)

DOB: 17/01/2015

Sire:  Diesel (black/white)

Dam: Shanti (agouti)

Draven's background consists of Australia's most successful Siberian Husky racing lines, bred for soundness, type, temperament, correct structure and movement. The bloodlines behind him are clear of genetic eye diseases. they have incorporated some of the worlds best working lines into their breeding program from around the world, including the UK, USA, Germany and Finland. They have also bred many Australian Show Champions.

Draven is a very upbeat boy and great with people and kids. He is a very playful and funny young man! He can be vocal at times, especially when he wants something!


Draven has contributed one litter to our breeding program and his bloodlines went on through his son, Satchi and now his grandson, Ned.

We also look forward to similar bloodlines going forward through his nephew Jax. Draven and Jax's dad, Bandit were littermates.


We are grateful to Draven's breeder for providing more information on his ancestors!

Draven now lives in Tasmania and is a much loved pet.


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