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Thank you for your online enquiry/application for a Lykos puppy from our current litter with Ember and Zeus! We were really happy with your application and chat!

If you're serious about getting a puppy from this litter. the next stage is for you to review and return our Puppy Sale Contract. This is a legal contract which accompanies all our puppies and contains the terms of sale which protects the welfare of our puppies and our unique and exclusive bloodlines. We have emailed, (or will be emailing) this contract to you. We can only officially reserve a spot on our puppy list after we have received your $500 deposit and have signed and returned our Puppy Sale Contract.

We would also like to provide you with our Puppy Bible!  We hope it answers any other questions you might have - enjoy the read! 

We welcome you to each out any time if you have any other questions.  Please remember to check out the breed information provided on our website, as well as the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia.





Having trouble downloading? Try downloading the PDF file (just over 100MB) via Dropbox here (no sign up required).

Reminders re: our Puppies

Generally, puppy selections are be done at approximately 6-7 weeks old, especially for owners who haven't purchased from us before or haven't had as much experience with working breeds. We assess the core personality traits of our puppy at this time to ensure that each puppy is placed in the best fit for your family. Due to all pups having slightly different temperaments in a litter (some more reserved, others more active and some in the middle), we match your lifestyle, level of experience, situation with the pup's temperament. We have successfully matched and placed our puppies for 20 years in this manner, with brilliant success! We are sure you will adore all of them though!


Puppies can be viewed in person after they are 6 weeks old, just to protect the puppies from anyone inadvertently bringing any disease to the home while they are unvaccinated. We ask that you don't visit if you or any of your pets or animals you have come into recent contact with are sick. Also, other pets/dogs should be left at home while you visit our puppies. 

Pups will be ready to go to their homes when they reach 8 weeks old and balance ($3000) must be paid for in full before the puppies leave the property.

Thank you!

Brooke Taylor

Ph: 0414 578 733


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