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Crixus' Health Records

Hips - 8:8

Elbows - 1:0

(Purebred Alaskan Malamute)

Crixus was originally sourced as an outcross to our Lykos breeding program by his original owner. 


Although it was not planned to use him until a bit later down the track, it seemed him and Neva had other ideas the day he arrived. 


Neva appeared to have finished her season, and stopped mating several days prior, but apparently this was not the case.  Our girls and Crixus were left unattended to play while I had to attend to an indoor bathroom emergency for a few minutes (no joke!).


I was not impressed what I came back to, as Neva had already been mated to a magnificent older stud of my breeding, several days prior. DNA testing determined the puppies to be sired by Crixus and not my chosen stud at the time. Rather than aborting the litter, where we did not know who the sire actually was and risk losing the lines of our older stud dog, we decided to keep the litter and x-ray him.

Although his hip score was a bit over our strict standards in relation to his hips, these scores are very acceptable by many other breeding organsiations world-wide. 

None the less, the resulting puppies were very outstanding and fine examples of the Lykos breed.

Crixus has very wolfy looks, rich colour, dark facial masking, light eyes and tall, lanky and wolfy body type.

Crixus is still quite young, has a very happy temperament, very confident and loves people and other dogs.

Crixus now lives with his new owners in the Alpine region of Victoria and is desexed due to his x-ray results being a few points above our strict acceptable scores.


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