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Crixus' Health Records

Hips - 8:8

Elbows - 1:0

Crixus was originally sourced as an outcross to our Lykos breeding program by his original owner. 


Although his hip score was a bit over our standards in relation to his hips, these scores are acceptable by many other breeding organsations world-wide. 

Nonetheless, the resulting puppies from his unplanned litter with Neva ended up being fine examples of the Lykos breed, all with passing hip scores less than 10 in total and clear elbows.

Crixus has very wolfy looks, rich colour, dark facial masking, light eyes and tall, lanky and wolfy body type. Crixus has a very happy temperament, very confident and loves people and other dogs.

Crixus unfortunately passed away in 2023 due to an obstruction after eating something he shouldn't have. Our love and thoughts go out to his family. 

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