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Lykosia Orcus x Lykosia Ember babies have arrived!


2 girls and 2 boys were born 23rd March 2023. All puppies sold!

1 x white female ("Jasper") RESERVED microchip 956000016308940

1 x wolf grey & white male ("Banff") RESERVED microchip 956000015886540

1 x pale agouti female ("Eden") RESERVED microchip 956000016290979

1 x agouti male ("Whistler") RESERVED microchip 956000016295295


Puppies are priced at $3500 each. Parents Ember & Zeus have been fully health tested and approved for breeding with the breed club, the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc. Hip & elbow scores on their pages - linked above.


Fill in our Application form (below after the photos) to be considered!

Ember's lovely pawrents Daniel & Evie are raising these babies at home and doing a wonderful job! Their source number is MB216306. They have nicknamed the puppies after mountain ranges they have visited in their travels to Canada.

Puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old - from the 18th May 2023.

Scroll below to read what all our Lykos Wolfalike puppies come with, how they are raised and the work we do with our puppies!

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Click here to download Word version of Puppy Application 

If you have any problems filling out the online application form on the button below, please email us ( ) and let us know. When uploading images, they will need to be resized to smaller versions to attach.

Our experience in creating stunning quality dogs is sheer proof that when the right combination of lines are artfully and strategically selected, with health, temperament and genetics as the main focus you can achieve success! 


We have 20+ years as breed improvement as our passion, with the knowledge and experience to back our dogs up.


Many of our past puppy owners (Lykos and purebred alike) have been so happy with their puppies that they have come back for another pup later down the track!

Our commitment to you is to provide you with a top quality puppy, whose parents have been hip/elbow x-rayed, DNA tested and extremely sound in temperament.

We work in close consultation with some of the best veterinary specialists in the country and the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc, of which we are registered breeders with.

We work as a team to develop and improve the breed while reducing and avoiding heritable disease. We do not breed for the pet or commercial market. Our purpose and goal is to develop and improve the Lykos Wolfalike breed in line with the Breed Standard. We specialise in agouti / wolf sables, wolf grey and white pups with brown or light gold eyes, that are amazing family pets who can also prove their working ability. As the original founder of the breed, we are passionate about our bloodlines and their abilities.

A piece of our heart and soul is put into each puppy we breed, so each one is very special to us. We use a vigorous screening process and only dedicated families, committed to training and having their dog as an integral part of their lives. We care about where our puppies, how they are raised, trained and kept.

We have great relationships with our puppy owners and like to see it as them joining our family!  Our owners and their dogs develop long lasting friendships with us and other owners, and this is why we call it our "Lykosia family"! We have a brilliant online community of Lykos Dog Owners (Facebook Group) from all around Australia, with some international Lykos owners too!

Application Process

If your application has passed the first stage (satisfactory online application), we organise to have a chat with you over the phone and we can get to know each other better. If we feel comfortable that you will be the right fit for one of our pups, we will email you our Puppy Sale Agreement (Contract) and our comprehensive puppy information pack, called "The Puppy Bible".


Once we confirm you for our shortlist, we can then accept a deposit which secures you for a puppy. 

Please only apply for a puppy if you are truly keen and ready for a puppy to enter your family. The final payment balance must be received before any puppy leaves our property.

Interstate Buyers

We have used several pet transport companies such as Jetpets, Aeropets or Dogtainers for interstate flight transport, which includes the flight price and crate hire.

Pups are authorised to fly after they reach 8 or 12 weeks old and require a "fit to fly" certificate from an authorised vet, (if flying with Qantas). These certificates are arranged at our vet at the buyer's expense.  You will need to book your pup's flight directly with the transport company at least a week before transport. We cannot provide quotes to you directly. Prices are usually determined by the weight of the puppy and where you are located and whether you are collecting from their airport or having the puppy delivered by the transport company. 


Compared to other purebred, mixed and similar breeds, who do no or less health testing, no official pedigrees or health guarantees, little or no achievements, our prices are very reasonable. The quality of our bloodlines speak for themselves!


Our puppies are priced at around $3000-$4000.


All our puppies are raised in a family home environment (not a kennel). The following are the bare basics of what we provide and do with our puppies - plus more!

  • Their first vaccination (done at 6 weeks old)

  • Regularly wormed

  • Microchipped and vet checked

  • Videos and photos available which document their growth from birth

  • Are hand-raised indoors in a clean home and beautiful puppy environment until they are old enough to be outside at particular times.

  • Sold subject to our standard contract/puppy sale agreement (which is updated from time to time and used by all LWCA registered breeders)

  • Subjected to Early Neurological Stimulation and exposed to all normal house hold (and outdoor) noises. Raised with toys, and learn how to determine safe obstacles such as wading pools  (in summer) and play tunnels etc. We spend time with our puppies individually, doing basic training and getting them ready to succeed in the world.

  • Toilet training as well as basic obedience training has already began before you take your puppy home.  Most puppies will self-train with toileting, you just need to help them along with timing (we have lots of information in our our Puppy Bible about how to train your pup and set them up for life).

  • ​We make recommendations on their temperaments at around 6/7 weeks old, but carefully monitor the progress of each pup and their temperament from birth, using our extensive 20+ year experience in assessing core temperament traits. 

  • Certificate of Registration and Pedigree with the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc

  • Our very own original Comprehensive & Educational Puppy Pack/E-book (authored by us, as well as experts and other top