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We have puppies available occasionally as we develop the Lykos breed

All our pet puppies are and are raised in a home environment (not a kennel).  All our puppies are sold for $1500-2000 each, which includes;


  • Full guarantee against hip & elbow dysplasia and all other hereditary diseases

  • Their first vaccination (done at 6 weeks old)

  • Desexed

  • Regularly wormed

  • Microchipped and vet checked

  • Videos and photos available which document their growth from birth

  • Are hand-raised in a loving and caring indoor home until they are old enough to be outside

  • Subjected to Early Neurological Stimulation and exposed to all normal house hold noises, such as television, vacuum, noises from the kitchen.  They are also get acclimitised to using a crate, car rides etc.  They are raised with toys, and learn ho to determine obstacles such as wading pools and play tunnels.

  • Toilet training has already began before you take your puppy home

  • ​We make recommendations and assessments on their temperaments as they grow.

  • Registration with the Australian Lykos Development Project

  • Our very own original Comprehensive & Educational Puppy Pack (put together by breed experts, top trainers and behaviourists)

  • Free training advice/behaviour consultations

  • Lifetime breeder support (goes without saying)

  • Free professional pet photography sessions (within Victoria)



Oreo's Health Records

Hips 0:1

Elbows 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier)

MDR1 Clear (no carrier)


Oreo is a very gentle and laid-back male who gets along well with ​all dogs. We are over the moon with his first litter with Meira in 2015, as pups are not only stunning, but have beautiful temperaments.

Click here to visit Oreo's page




Meira's Health Records


Hips 3:4

Elbows 0:0

DM: Clear (no carrier)

MDR1 Clear (no carrier)


Meira is our foundation girl and has produced the most amazing wolfy puppies with her last litter with Caesar, Chief and Neva. She is a very easy and reliable dog with low-mid drive.

Click here to visit Meira's page


This is the same combination that produced Chief, Neva, Ellie and Caesar

Please read up on Breed Information on the Australian Lykos Development Project

We proudly stand by our breeding program with confidence, by offering the very best health and genetic guarantees with each and every puppy bred.  Our experience and producing ability is sheer proof that when the right combination of lines are artfully and strategically selected, with health,  temperament and genetics as the main focus you can achieve success.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with a top quality Lykos puppy, whose parents have been hip/elbow x-rayed, temperament tested and fully DNA screened against every possible disease or trait available.  This commitment is made to you in writing in our of Puppy Sale Agreement and Guarantee.  If you fill out our Puppy Application, we are happy to send this to you via email, along with a comprehensive puppy info pack.

A piece of our heart and soul is put into each puppy we breed, so each one is very special to us. We use a vigorous screening process and only suitable homes are allowed to get a pup from us.

We use Jetpets for interstate transport, which includes the flight and crate hire. Pups are authorised to fly after they reach 8 weeks old and may require a "fit to fly" certificate from an authorised vet. Flights cost between $150-250 depending on which state you live in as well as pick up/drop off availability. You will need to book your pup's flight directly with Jetpets.

Our 2014 Puppy Enclosure
Not unusual
Our 2014 Puppy Enclosure

I just wanted to let you know that all is going well with Chief and he is settling in very easily. He went the whole night without toileting and never made a sound. This morning he has had some food and lots of water and has been for a poop and wee. He met our chickens this morning too...didn't quite know what to make of them

It was evident throughout our many visits to Brooke that Cooper was raised with the best of care in his first eight weeks of his life. Not only did we get a great little pup, we got was SO much more from our breeder! Brooke has been absolutely wonderful to us, never hesitating to offer advice, help with training, answering questions, and assisting in his progress every step throughout this wonderful journey!

“My young daughter set up a bed and slept on the floor with Ellie. They slept all night like angels. She didn't pee at all during the night. She doesn't seem to be having any separation anxiety from her mom and her siblings”

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