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The Purpose and Function of our Puppy Sale Agreements (co-ownership agreements) 


Why do I sell my puppies under Co-ownership Agreements?

To put it simply, placing pups under a co-ownership/partnership Agreement is the only way we can legally protect the welfare of our pups, our bloodlines and our exclusive breeding program. 

Our Agreement provides a lifetime health guarantee for all puppies we breed.  All owners are required to x-ray their dog's hips and elbows between 12-18 months to check for the presence of hip/elbow dysplasia. This will also provide owners with additional peace of mind that they have a well-bred dog, who will not suffer with early arthritis or have crippling orthopaedic issues, commonly found in many large dog breeds.  It also enables us to keep data and insight into the health and genetics of our developing breeding program and make informed breeding decisions.

Another important part of the agreement is to protect our exclusive bloodlines from falling into the wrong hands. Under no circumstances will our puppies or bloodlines ever end up in a rescue or shelter or used by any unregistered breeder. 


If an owner is unable to keep their puppy, we will find it another home or the puppy must be returned to us to find it the best and most suitable home. You will never see our lines on Gumtree, in lost dogs homes, RSPCA or rescue organisations.


If more breeders controlled their bloodlines and took their hobby more seriously, selling puppies with legally enforceable agreements, there would be a huge decrease in backyard breeders.  Unless a written agreement states otherwise, our exclusive bloodlines are the legal property of Lykosia Kennels. 

Sadly, there are people in this world who want to breed dogs for money. There are also people breed dogs in poor backyard conditions, with no knowledge or experience.  Backyard breeders and puppy mills fall into this category.  They deceive puppy buyers into buying sub-standard dogs, which have not had the correct work done with them since birth.  It's not uncommon for puppies from these places to suffer from all sorts disorders that are expensive to treat.  I refuse to contribute to this unfortunate, yet very common situation.

I have seen breeders willingly (and unwillingly) sell pups to puppy mills and pet stores, where they are then purchased and bred by irresponsible/inexperienced people. Hence the cycle of poorly bred dogs goes on. We are adamant that this will not happen with our bloodlines!

We have also not been breeding exclusive bloodlines for 20 years just so Joe Blow down the road who has never bred dogs before, can steal our bloodlines under false pretences, start his own breeding program and damages the reputation of our breed.  I will not allow anyone to deceive me, ride off my coat tails, just to fill their pockets.

If by any chance, a pup of mine is abused, mistreated or dumped, the Puppy Sale Agreement allows me to legally remove the puppy from that environment.   If there was no written agreement, I would have no legal right to take the dog I bred back into my care.  I care a lot about each dog I produce – for its entire lifespan.  I care where my dogs end up and will do everything possible to avoid critical situations in the first place.

Responsible breeding is not just a case of breeding two dogs together, regardless of whether health testing has been done.  It comes from years of experience of knowing the ins and outs of conformation, movement, temperament and behaviour, health and correct balance and type. It's a very detailed and intricate "hobby" - not just something that just anyone can decide they can just jump in to.  

As a breeder, I am a protector and improver of our breed, and I take my bloodlines very seriously.  They are the result of 20 years of my hard work, research and own creativity.

I am not a large scale breeder, where I have kennels and the kind of set up to keep several dogs. It would not be fair if I had that many dogs, as I could not give them all the right amount of training and time that they require.  I have my own busy business to run and two small children.

It is for this reason, a lot of credit for the continuation of my breeding program needs go to my co-owners and doggy family.  They have worked with me to develop my bloodlines and the breed in the best way possible!  In over 2 decades, and over 20 successful mutually beneficial breeding partnerships with my co-owners, I have managed to improve and continue my exclusive breeding program.


I support all my puppy owners with professional training and advice, gained in over 20 years involved in dogs.


When I provide families with my puppies, I also trust that they will always represent the breed with pride, whilst respecting the hard work that has gone into creating them. 


I trust people to give their puppy the very best life possible, making them an integral part of their lives and family!